Monday, May 14, 2012

mother's day

We had a wonderful Mother's Day full of food and fun! We spent Sunday lunch at home - as my mom had insisted that we let her cook a family meal for everyone. She and my grandmother enjoyed time in the kitchen as my younger brother and I set the table with chopsticks, candles and wine.

Tanner and I treated her and the family to a nice lunch the day before and bought her a tropical waterfall of orchids for Sunday morning. My sister and brother-in-law came to the house for lunch, bringing two purple orchids as well for our mother and grandmother (I guess we think alike), so our family room was full of orchids.

We spent lunch talking and sharing stories around the dining room table and then moved to the back patio. The guys smoked their cigars and drank their beers, while the girls enjoyed coffee and tea as we all chatted for hours. By the time we finished chatting it was dinner time.

We had a very nice dinner at a Chinese seafood restaurant, which my sister and brother-in-law had treated everyone to. I cannot tell you how much we love our mom, but she truly is an amazing lady and we all love her very much.

This morning we all received a letter from our mother: (she doesn't really write letters let alone in English, so it's kind of a big deal)

"Dear Children,
I was so enjoyable this mother's day, that you did for me and thank you for your presents and mother's day greeting cards. I am so happy my kids are very family orient. I hope you will keep it forever (pretty sure she meant, 'stay family-oriented forever'). I'm proud of you.

P.S. Daddy is very jealous. Ha! ha!"

Hope you all celebrated and had a Happy Mother's Day as well!


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