Saturday, May 12, 2012

loose diamonds

I've been wearing my engagement ring for about eight-months now and just realized that the center stone seems to be loose. Apparently your suppose to have your ring checked every six-months or so, especially if there are multiple diamonds and long set prongs (mine has 176 little diamonds and low set prongs for the center stone). We haven't insured it yet and really need to. I know that putting some kind of policy on the ring might not seem romantic, but I really do feel that it's necessary no matter the ring's cost - it could be a $500-$20k ring. There are a few ways to insure your ring - and we're planning on purchasing 'ring insurance' through a homeowner's 'rider' policy extension.

My prongs could've gotten loose after wearing my ring to workout (we do CrossFit, that's a whole another story). I try to leave it at home, however, sometimes I forget - and then when I do remember to leave it at home, I tend to forget to put it back on. Today's one of those days, when I have forgot to put it back on and I came to work without my ring (I hate when I forget my ring).

On another note: We'll be traveling for our honeymoon (I'll have to write a separate post about our honeymoon plans), and I don't feel comfortable wearing my ring. The silly part is - I don't want to wear it traveling because I feel we'll get ripped off a lot (my ring - does have a lot of 'bling'). So I'm in the process of finding a CZ/gem on silver kind of traveling ring. An inconspicuous kind of ring, something not at all like my real one. While at Nordstrom I was able to find this really neat antique style ring - not sure what kind of stone is in the center, but I do think it's a real gem not just cz - it's got a yellowy tone to it and specs, kind of like a raw diamond with the metal being real silver made in Thailand. I was actually really proud of finding it and then a matching silver band - thinking wow, this is a perfect travel ring!

And then I bought it and put it on: (Although the band fit size 5, the ring didn't... it's a size 7, which is way too big - oops, I didn't look at sizes and when I tried it on at the store, it fit with the plastic piece that held it to the tag). Hopefully I can exchange this one and find another one same or somewhat similar...

I will keep you posted on the rings!


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