Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the crossfit bride

Have you ever heard of CrossFit or Pure Barre, Paleo and Whole30 - or have you ever jumped on any other diet or workout trend?

I'm horrible with diets, as I have no willpower when it comes to food restraint. However, I've really been enjoying my new workouts with CrossFit. Of course the actual workouts, I probably couldn't do on my own, but with the motivation and encouragement of my fellow 'tribe' members - I have found that I'm able to push myself a lot more than if I worked out by myself at 24HourFitness.

I really enjoy spending time with Tanner at CF. CF really is a big part of his life, he even eats Paleo (basically the 'cave-man diet'), and I consider myself secondhand Paleo. The reason I joined was to lose weight, get lean and toned, and spend time doing something we can love together. Everything has been going well, except that I haven't lost weight and I haven't become lean. However, I can't say that CF hasn't helped me - I've definitely gained muscle weight and have become very strong! I'm still working on the 'lean' part and will have to take on some kind of diet. I will keep you posted!


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  1. I've just started going back to Paleo today, the first time I tried it, I did it for about 8 weeks, I definitely saw a change. I'm getting summer ready and want to show off my abs, so I'm going back to Paleo for another two months. When I do it, I try to stay about 80% paleo, which is hard but I've seen results. Keep up with the good work, your STDs look beautiful by the way!